The Netherlands, which is known to have legalized same-sex marriage and euthanasia, is also known to be a pretty liberal country in which progress plays a big role. However, the main reason why a great part of the world, or at least most of the younger western population, envies the Dutchmen is that consuming drugs like weed or magic mushrooms is legal.

Of course, it’s almost criminal to only associate Holland with its famous well-frequented coffee shops, especially because the land of tulips has so much more to offer. Still, let’s be a little shameless. Here, we present three amazing labels that help you to show up at a coffee shop in Amsterdam, proving you’re the most passionate stoner ever.

Killer Condo

Cool t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies with awesome prints – Killer Condo is extremely trippy. Any fashionable stoner will hit pay dirt.

Bong Beauties

Nothing is more beautiful than a girl that is handling a bong, well at least when it comes to the online shop of Bong Beauties. Here, stoner lifestyle is associated with a lot of sex appeal, cool basecaps and statement necklaces. Wow!

Apt B Collective

Living the high life with Apt B Collective. Here, you’re offered stylish tank tops, t-shirts and sweaters with trendy prints and slogans that boil life down to an essence. Everything is 100% handmade and guarantees outstanding quality. One of the highlights is definitely the cool racerback tank tops.

Image 1: ©Instagram Bong Beauties