Berlin attracts people like the light attracts moths, milk attracts cats and mussel meat attracts river crabs. But artist Sophia Halamoda, a Berliner by choice, has now created the first guide to Berlin and also illustrated it personally. The globetrotter has gathered enough Berlin-experience to make it easier for the other newcomers.

She has, for example, done a favour by listing out what kind of people you will meet on the search for housemates, from the scene fashion chick to the Spaniard who actually only wants to party, all the small but fine clichés that Berlin has to offer. Even that famous Berghain Guide that you should all be holding on to was penned by her.

If you are planning to travel to Berlin, take a look at what Sophia Halamoda has drawn. Even locals would find it funny to flip a page or two.

Find out more about the artist here.