It’s no secret that makeup giant MAC Cosmetics have become one of the most influential cosmetics brand worldwide. This is partly due to their fine hand in picking the right celebrities to endorse their brand.

The next hugely anticipated collaboration is with no one but the ‘original’ Selena. Selena Quintanilla was a beautiful singer and a loyal entertainer to her fans. The latter attribute superseded even her talent and immortalised her in the eyes of her fans. At the brink of her success, at 24, she however succumbed under a lethal shot fired by no one but the president of her own fan club. After a world wide petition gained about 37,000 signatures addressed to the cosmetics giant itself, MAC decided to dedicate a whole multi-product collection to the late singer, 21 years after her death.

There’s still a lot to reveal about the specific products included in this line but one product was pretty clear from the beginning: One deep red lipstick, the must-have for the singer’s signature look. The shade will be called ‘Como La Flor’, named after a song that was included in Selena’s 1992 album Entre a Mi Mundo. And as MAC tradition dictates, the cosmetics brand will place the star’s obligatory autograph on the packaging. The collection will be launched later this year in October.

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