Michael Michalsky creates real clothes for real people. He basically creates unspectacular clothing for spectacular people who want to emphasize their uniqueness with uniquely sophisticated fashion. This is roughly his design concept. However, you can’t say his fashion is unspectacular. Hardly any other designer manages to connect elegance with sportiness in such a virtuous way.

For the Spring/Summer Collection 2016, the German fashion designer demonstrates his boundless talent once again and transforms female and male mannequins into nonchalant flower children. Single, subtle floral accents as a print or embroidery are mixed with flowing fabrics and straight cuts, giving Michalsky’s famous elegant and sporty minimalism more expression. A little flowery surprise is revealed in the presentation of the male models, who “stand their ground” in sneakers, jackets and wide pants and yet boldly show their feminine side. Michalsky namely equipped his male models with flowers in their hair.

Very impressive, Mr. Michalsky …

More Information: www.michalsky.com