Kanye mit Kim, Will Smith und Jada Pinkett Smith

He stormed the stage during the 2009 MTV Music Awards when Taylor Swift received the award for Best Female Video, and told her straight in the face that the award really should have gone to Beyoncé. Everyone was shocked. He sells Yeezy sweaters for $ 1,000 that could hardly look more ordinary. He has also repeatedly expressed that he believes he should be mentioned in the Bible and also published a song titled “I am God” in 2013.

These capers don’t exactly make him the absolute antichrist, but they throw in an indisputable negative light on Kim Kardashian’s hubby and have earned him the reputation of a true “Jerk” in the American showbiz.

However, fans have been claiming for years that this bad boy image is just a masquerade he rears to attract attention. Actually, Kanye West is supposed to be a really nice guy. For real? It’s hard to believe. However, the following evidence is indicative. Is Kanye actually a nice guy behind his megalomaniac Twitter tweets and provocative interviews?

Indication 1: He is nice to paparazzi

One would think that the ordinary pesky paparazzo was his nemesis. In fact, there are several witnesses and even video recordings of his exceptionally friendly handling of the photographers, at least when they treat him respectfully. Kanye seems to give back the respect and friendliness.

Indication 2: He’s nice to his fans.

Instead of wishing his fans death like Ariana Grande, Kanye takes time to shake hands with them and have a chat.

Indication 3: He loves his family.

Being a father is truly near and dear to him. In 2015, he released the single “Only One,” where he published intimate and sweetest moments together with daughter Northwest.

Indication 4: He has made nice to Taylor Swift.

Both were spotted embracing at the MTV Music Awards 2015. Everything’s okay again!

Indication 5: He tweets significantly less narcissistic comments.

Instead, he wishes his fans a nice weekend.

Well, we can all agree that Mr. West has his good and his bad moments.

Picture 1: ©Kim Kardashian Instagram