Image by the beautiful Kelly Nantes!

During spring time it’s all about color: Not only the trees begin to sprout and show their flowers, also the latest beauty trends are taking a whole new turn. Now its time to have fun and be creative when it comes to your makeup looks.
Here are the best eye shadows in all colors of the rainbow:

  1. RED: ‘Poppy’ Makeup Forever Artist Shadow
    This red shade is no ordinary one because of its unique metallic finish. It gives every eye a fantastic dimension and is perfect for any Makeup Artist. Especially for editorial shoots the color is a must-have.
  2. ORANGE: ‘Chickadee’ Makeup Geek
    As a transitional color for a brown Smokey Eye Look there is nothing better than a colored orange eyeshadow. What may seem scary for some of us, simply looks super nice if you do it the right way.
  1. YELLOW: ‚Buttercupcake’ by Sugarpill
    Sugarpill is known for their highly pigmented eyeshadows. If you’re looking for a super bright yellow shade, this one is the ideal product.
  1. LIGHT GREEN: ‚Fuji’ von Makeup Geek
    The almost Pastel Green is perfect for that special pop of color in an otherwise boring eye makeup and is ideal for spring.
  2. DARK GREEN: ‚Kush’ von Urban Decay
    The super soft and highly pigmented formula makes this dark green the ideal partner of a light green eye shadow to create a green smokey eye.
  3. LIGHT BLUE: ‚Aquadisiac’ von MAC
    The classic light blue has a shimmering finish and is beautiful as a highlight in the inner corners of the eyes.
  4. DARK BLUE: ‚Neptune’ von Makeup Geek
    The deep royal blue attracts everyone’s attention and gives every Smokey a certain pop.

Image 1: © Instagram ekilateral Kelly Nantes