Too Faced

Pink is probably one of the colors that never get old. The color is a symbol of femininity and looks good on anyone: Whether on the lips, on the cheeks or nails, it transforms any woman into a princess. Here are the best products in the color Pink:

  1. Lipstick Queen ‘Frog Prince’
    This product is the frog king among the lipsticks. What may seem like a dark green lipstickat first transforms into a magical pink shade once it touches the lips. The pretty rose shade also helps to moisturize the lips and keeps them soft thanks to ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.
  1. Too Faced ‘Sweethearts Blush’
    A naturalflush on the cheeksmakes everyone look several years younger. Therefore this blush is perfect because it also contains a little shimmer that creates this fresh Hollywood Glow. The different colors help create a 3-dimensional look and look super natural on the cheeks.
  1. OPI ‘Princesses Rule!’
    Pink on the nails is a classic that will never grow old. Why not pimp this tradition up a little by trying something with a slight sheen? This nail polish from the legendary brand OPI iscalled ‘Princesses Rule!’, which matches the color perfectly. The girlish color looks just beautiful not only on the hands but also on the toes!

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