He discovered his passion for photography through the lens of the 30-year-old camera from his father when he was asked to create images of his home as part of a school project. Today, Goran Ljubuncic is a leading photographer in the Israeli fashion scene and has also established himself in the international market. The Tel-Aviv-based photographer has already landed lucrative deals with brands like Castro, Gottex, M.A.C, Lee, Gillette, Bourjois, Pupa, Speedo and Lacoste, and created numerous editorials for major magazines.

His photos are full of intense and intoxicating contrasts with which he creates virtuosically and skillfully with gentle light sources. As an advocate of minimalism, he sets the focus on clean lines and merciless aesthetics, and implements innovative approaches and concepts in his work. It is a misery that so many photographers are pushed in the background by the fame of the model, upstaged by the great names of the magazines or go down fighting for popularity and fame. Goran Ljubuncic proves, however, that he can make his mark as an artist, because his works are thoroughly characterized by a distinctive style that demonstrates uncompromisingly that fashion photography isn’t only the copy and presentation of a product – fashion photography is art.

Castro White
Photographer: Goran Ljubuncic
Styling: Keren Naftaly
Hair styling and makeup: Esterique
Model: Elinor Zino Elinor Shahar Personnel Management
Assisting Photographer: Tal Keret

Photographer: Goran Ljubuncic
Styling: Mazal Hason
Makeup: Ifaat Parizat
Hair styling: Benjamin Ruimi
Model: Sharon Genish of Yuli Models
Assisting Photographer: Liran Mor
Assisting Stylist: Liron Shimoni

Images:  © www.goranphoto.com