This radiant Israeli top model is the epitome of true beauty for a lot of people. The Victoria Secret Model has gained massive publicity thanks to her natural beauty and, for the sake of accuracy, thanks to her liaison with Leonardo DiCaprio. Keep on reading if you would like to know more about Bar Refaeli’s most treasured beauty secrets that are surprisingly affordable and simple at the same time.

Always keep your skin clean

It might not be something entirely new to the beauty industry but Bar Refaeli makes sure that she keeps her skin clear off makeup whenever she can. She cleanses her face twice a day and in between every shoots to let her skin breathe. In terms of products: The smaller the list of ingredients, the better. Aveda, a natural cosmetic brand, is one of her go-to counters when it comes to skin care.

Bend the rules

What she picked up from her Make-up Artist and close friend is the fact that just because a product is advertised in a certain way, a girl doesn’t have to follow it blindly. Find multiple uses for your beloved products and have fun with what you got! For instance, one of Bar’s must-haves in her makeup bag is Nars’ Casino Bronzer. Instead of using it only on her cheekbones, she uses it on her forehead to balance everything out. Moreover, she found ways to apply it as eye shadow.

Go local

It might sound generic but the Israeli beauty swears by products from her home country. She swears by all kinds of dead sea products and appreciates them for their uniqueness and effectiveness.

Accessorize your hair

The less the better! She reportedly has been with the same hair dresser for over 15 years now. However, one crucial task she certainly still does herself is the regular wash and styling. Her trusty stylist gave her the instruction to only use heated hair appliances and hair products when necessary. Bar Rafaeli’s tip: Accessorize your hair to make flat irons, curling tongs and hair products filled with chemicals unnecessary

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