In the heart of the German capital you will find a great and astounding diversity of amazing restaurants, which will make your mouth water like mad. One of them is the so-called Djimalaya restaurant, which can be found in the Invalidenstraße 159 in Berlin. Traditional Israeli food meets the Berlin flair, which is evident not only in the atmosphere but also in the food. Although classic dishes from Israel are available on the menu, the chefs give the whole thing a modern twist and turn the food into a fresh and exciting experience.

And the best part: Even vegans will leave the restaurant filled and satisfied! The dishes are divided into four different categories where vegan and vegetarian food is marked and therefore easier to find.

Hummus with fried mushrooms or the so-called ‘Sabich-plate’, a hard-boiled egg, tomato, hummus and eggplant are served with S’chug, are often ordered by vegan or vegetarian guests.

Dishes such as the ‘Hummus Chicken’, which is in fact a juicy grilled chicken thigh fillet with hummus, grilled peppers and spring onions, or the beef kebab on eggplant with tahini and pine nuts on the other hand are extremely popular amongst meat-loving gourmets.

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