From March 17 until March 20, the renowned book fair will take over Leipzig once again. To honor long standing traditions, those three days will open up the gates for us to look into the fascinating world of literature. As one of the most significant countries when it comes to literature in English, Ireland should never be overlooked. A good number of authors who have contributed to todays most established work were from Ireland. C.S. Lewis, who told the tales of the fantastic world of Narnia or Bram Stoker with his classic piece ‘Dracula’ are just a few examples.

Oscar Wilde, one of the most famous authors of the Victorian era, and his masterpiece “The Picture of Dorian Grey” was in fact Irish. Lyricist David Yates and author Samuel Beckett are also two artists who should not be overlooked considering that both were honored with the Nobel Prize in literature. The former was actually the very first Irish to receive one of the renowned prizes. Last but not least, James Joye, whose ‘Ulysses’ made a huge impact in the Modern era. There is hardly any doubt that Ireland has produced a couple of the most significant names in literature.

Portrait by Reginal Grey