Palina Rojinski, an all-round talent known for her performances as an actress, DJane, presenter and entertainer, is one of Germany’s most famous style pioneers. Unsurprisingly, she caught the attention of hair care giant Pantene Pro-V. The eye-catching redhead has now become the new face of Pantene Pro-V, presenting the brand’s newest campaign “Palina vs Pantene Pro-V”.

Her flowing red hair is her greatest signature feature. As a public figure, the hair is certainly exposed to many harmful factors, as being treated with hair products, straighteners, curlers, dryers etc. almost every day. These are the perfect conditions for the hair care brand’s current campaign, where Palina challenges its products to prove that Pantene’s new histidine technology really works to repair the hair, making it softer and shinier.

Using histidine the brand of Procter & Gamble has created an updated version of its hair conditioners, promising to achieve maximum effect. The natural amino acid is part of the hair fiber and is supposed to penetrate the hair to the core in order to strengthen it from the inside out, protecting it from spliss while giving it back its natural shine.

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