Spain has been a very popular destination for hitchhikers, hippies and hitchhiking hippies for years. In general, Spain seems to be paradise for youngsters seeking for a peaceful haven to escape society’s pressure.

Apart from the beautiful nature, incredible weather, lovely beaches and fascinating flora and fauna, those who strive for alternative lifestyles are attracted to Spain due to the high amounts of abandoned buildings, which form the perfect base and fertile ground for the liberal occupant scene to flourish. They even run their own offices where you can ask for advice on how to get by in Spain.

Having arrived in Spain, European young hitchhikers usually are also interested in visiting the small society dropout communities which you can find en masse throughout Spain. As long as you behave according to the rules, which merely means that you should not act like an asshole, you can stay in those communities as long as you like and enjoy a fascinating, slightly isolated and nature-connected lifestyle.

The food is amazing as well, without a doubt. The hot temperatures and arid weather allow all kinds of fruits and vegetables to grow almost everywhere. Avocados, potatoes, peaches, pluck them and eat them. Getting cheap and tasty food in the cities is not too hard either, which makes hitchhiking in Spain a cheap experience in general.

There is one thing that is remarkably cheap as well: Drugs. Marihuana is available for ridiculously low prices compared to the average prices in North and Central Europe at least. If you are looking for other drugs, you won’t get disappointed either.

Indeed, Spain is a beautiful country for tourists and paradise for liberal youngsters and hippies.