French shoe label Veja is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In celebration of the anniversary, the label launched a completely new sneaker model named V-10. Regarding the style, it matches the trademarks of the label. A casual retro look and natural materials with premium quality. High quality natural rubber from fair harvesting in the Amazon, as well as cotton and leather make up the style of the label.

V-10 is created from a thicker and natural-colored rubber sole and a classic silhouette from monochromatically dyed leather. The front part is thereby accentuated by perforation in the leather, which emphasizes the sporty touch even more. The trademark of the label, a V-sign applied on the sides, emphasizes the monochromatic look and makes the shoes look even more modern. Those who want to attract attention with special sneakers in this summer should definitely check out the models of Veja. With their minimalistic and stylish look, they are among our favorites this summer.

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