The petite beauties appear like candies in a sea of soft pastel colors for the Resort Collection 2016 at the Chanel Fashion Show. The fashion show came like a bomb in Seoul. Being inspired by the unique Korean pop culture and traditional wear of the land of morning calm, Karl Lagerfeld decided to create a collection that represents the perfect mix of Coco Chanel’s timeless chic and crazily colorful Korean pop culture.

This trip leads us to South Korea, a country that is streets ahead of us when it comes to technology, and also evinces avant-garde and style consciousness in terms of fashion. Fashion seems to be the golden thread in the everyday lives of young citizens in the big cities. Even the audience at the show turned out to be extremely fashion-conscious. Being blended by all the candy colors, wild-geometric prints and classic tweed business suits, they simply couldn’t turn away their heads. Mickey Mouse ears and extravagant Korean-inspired makeup did one last thing to impress the audience, which could be immediately associated with the infamous K-Pop culture considering the fancy, elegant looks.

Tilda Swinton and Kristen Stewart were definitely amazing, and so are the few male models who walked on the runway in popping, printed suits. But if you think Karl Lagerfeld became totally addicted to that candy look, you’re wrong. He still keeps on the origins of Chanel and proves to be a defender of timeless black tweed suits and black flowing dresses, both shown in impressively delicate flower designs.

Who knows if Coco once dreamt of conquering the Asian market with her fashion? At least, Karl Lagerfeld has managed to capture everybody’s heart with his Cruise Collection 2016 in Seoul.

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