DC and Marvel certainly mainly owe their success to an interesting concept called Shared Universe. All DC characters exist in the same universe, as is the case with Marvel. Quentin Tarantino, one of the most eccentric filmmakers of Hollywood, creates his outstanding movies on the basis of this principle as well, but on a much more subtle way that does not sting the observer’s eye instantly. I can‘t imagine how many movie nerds and Tarantino fans have suffered a respiratory arrest, when they have noticed the connection between Tarantino’s blockbusters.

For this reason, caution is required when reading this article, which is dedicated solely to the purpose of bringing light into the darkness, and giving an insight into the connections between Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and co. Lean back and enjoy the little trip through the Tarantino universe.

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction

The criminal psychopath Mr. Blonde aka Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs turns out to be the brother of Vincent Vega, who saved the life of his criminal boss’s girlfriend, played by Uma Thurman, after a heroin overdose. Moreover, both brothers are revealed to be outstanding dancers.

True Romance & Inglorious Bastards

The crazy romance about Clarence and Alabama in True Romance revolves around a bag of cocaine; the two found it by chance and now want to sell to the film producer Lee Dolowitz. But did you know that Donowitz’ father Sgt. Donny Donowitz outvoted Hitler during World War II as part of Inglorious Basterds? Although it isn’t historically accurate, it is still a very interesting fact for Tarantino fans.

Kill Bill & Django Unchained

When the most dangerous woman of the world was buried alive in a coffin on a quest for vengeance, Uma Thurman was cast into the lonely grave of Paula Schultz in the action epic Kill Bill. In fact, Paula Schultz was the wife of none other than bounty hunter and former dentist Dr. King Schultz, accomplice of Django.

Of course there are many more connections. You better check out the best movies again on Amazon Video and find out about further connections between the Tarantino movies.

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