With the brand Glade® it is all about feelings this spring. The brand specializes in high quality scented candles, fragrance oils and gels, as well as a variety of scented sprays.
The motto of Glade ® is based on using fragrances to affect not only our emotions but also expressing our personality and individual style in all situations.
The new fragrances ‘Be Cool’ and ‘Be Romantic’ were published in January 2016 by Glade ® and will make you crave spring like crazy.
‘Be Cool’ is a fragrance of sweet coconut and fresh mint and gives the spring a whole new meaning. The freshness of the fragrance is reminiscent of a walk across dewy grass under a clear blue sky, which is enhanced by the floral scent of freesia and a hint of musk.
‘Be Romantic’ is the flowery scent of both: A sumptuous floral bouquet is composed of rose, water lily and gardenia. With the crisp freshness of a juicy red apple it sets a fantastic contrast and is combined with a gentle woody-warm touch.

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