John Niven born in 1961 in Scotland is a famous author, having written renowned works like “Kill your Friends“, in which the egocentric protagonist does everything to climb up the career ladder. In order to get to the top of the record company he is working for, he is even willing to hurt and betray his friends. John Niven’s other works focus on similar topics. Again and again, he is exploring the depths of certain business branches to shine light on the cracks behind the façade, revealing the dirty secrets of the entertainment industry and the political scene. He opens your eyes about what is truly going on in the most hypocritical industries and branches humanity gave birth to.

But how on earth does he know this much? The answer is simple. John Niven himself was active in the record industry and he himself used to be corrupted and tactless just like the characters in his novels, according to him. Interesting fact: Then, when he worked for the record company London Industries, he rejected the band Coldplay and called them Radiohead for idiots. What a mistake, most of us would think. When he had enough of the record industry, he left and became an author. In his first two works, he processed everything he went through in the hard business, settling a core with the music industry. His latest work “The Second Coming” is presenting a critical look at faith, religion and modern culture. John Niven made himself name with his sharp tongue always eager to voice the truth. In the end, the novel even had to be defused and censored to make it appropriate for the audience.

I hope that John Niven keeps on shedding light on more dirty secrets that lie hidden somewhere in the dark corners of human society.