A suit allows the man to be dressed appropriately in only a few seconds, as it can be worn at the office or a gallant evening event. You really can’t go wrong wearing a suit, especially when it comes to simple color combinations such as black-and-white, dark blue or gray. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the details, such as jewelry, watches, cravats and shoes.

Elegant footwear is found quickly, but not all chic shoes are also contemporary. For now, it must be something special, and this applies to elegant shoes too! The classic lace-up shoe remains at the top of the ranking, but nowadays it is often adorned by refined details! Even the colors have evolved. In addition to classic black, brown shades are also drawing attention.

Slippers are another huge trend besides the lace-ups. They are true eye-catchers especially when they are provided with buckles, peek-a-boos and visible seams. Those who pay a lot of attention to modernity can also combine their business look with simple Chelsea boots.

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