Everyone, that has attended a festival once, knows the feeling of being lost and lonely, buried under masses of attendees and being isolated in ones own little bubble of disorientation and overtaxing. But this has not always to be the case, as can be seen by Duna Jam, a musical experiences that understands itself not as festival but as a gathering of friends, who celebrate in a small inner circle with some musicians that happen to be attending as well playing a few tracks.
Located at the Green Coast of Sardinia, the gathering draws the attention of a small group of people – often coming from or planning a hike before or afterwards – who seek the company of people wanting to share a special kind of experience, which is defined through first class stoner-rock and the feeling of attending to some kind of big happy birthday party.
To keep the experience pure and special, it’s natural, that not more than 150 people can attend to Duna Jam. That’s why there are no tickets sold on the conventional way. In order to attend to the gathering, you have to introduce yourself via eMail to the organizer and maybe have to wait for quite some time until you are invited. But from what we can say, it’s worth it.

More Information: dunajam.net