“She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the thirty-seventh floor of a skyscraper. She’s an astronaut.”

ad Men is a popular TV Show set in the early 1960s in America. What an exciting era! It’s an era when men still all wore elegant suits, drank alcohol in the office and considered sexism as flirting.

The protagonist of the series is Don Draper working for the ad agency Sterling Cooper. He is young, successful and attractive. But he is also an alcoholic, chain smoker and he knows how to deal with women…more or less. Indeed, all these attributes make him the ideal role model of the American dream at that time.

Apart from Don Draper, what else makes this series so spectacular? Sex, women, company-internal competitive dogfights and Don’s dark past.

Another beautiful special feature of the series is the subtle incorporation of famous historical figures and events. They don’t particularly affect the main plot of the series. But they just make it more complex and authentic. The rise of the Rolling Stones, the selection of Kennedy, the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe and the Cold War. The makers of Mad Men dedicate a special scene to all these events at one point in the series. Indeed, Mad Men is a beautiful modernized depiction of the 60s. Who has always been fascinated with this turbulent era, should give the TV show created by Matthew Weiner a shot.

Image: © AMC