You have surely noticed the amount of facial hair that’s been sported particularly by eligible businessmen lately and let me just put it out there: Thank lord for the eye candy. This is why this article is dedicated to the correct care of the modern man’s most important accessory.

Everyone who thinks that beards are easy to groom, think again. The amount of consideration and time that goes into the care of the best feature of the modern man shall not be underestimated.

The three golden steps are basically washing, brushing and moisturizing.

Like the hair on your scalp, beards need to be washed as well. A ph-neutral soap, such as Dr K Soap Company’s Beard soap, does the trick. Afterwards, do not blow-dry as the heated air not only dries up your beard but can lead to serious skin irritations.

Second step in line for the daily morning routine is brushing. Make sure you use a traditional beard comb. This is how you can detect whether or not your beard is growing evenly to prevent holes.

The last step is the most satisfying part:  Beard oil is absolutely recommended if you want to keep your beard moisturized. A coarse beard is one of the most annoying downsides of having a beard because it can lead to extreme itchiness and irritated skin. Beard oils (for example ‘Urbane Man Beard Oil’) are light in weight, not too overpowering or fatty. They usually consist of grape seed oil, almond or avocado oil and a hint of perfume. The latter can give you that personal touch and is essentially the cherry on top of the whole morning program.

It may sound like a hassle at first. Nevertheless, you really can’t deny that the efforts are absolutely worth it because a groomed beard is one of the sexiest things a man can offer.