In many countries, drinking is a crucial part of their culture. In many countries, sharing a few drinks after work is a common custom. Businessmen go to a bar after a stressful day to get their minds off work. But in South Korea, they take it over the top.

In the streets of Seoul, it’s absolutely normal to encounter completely drunk people. Passed out businessmen dressed in suits and sporting expensive designer watches are a normal sight there. And the worst thing about it? They don’t get any help from passersby because they don’t see it as a problem. In fact, South Korea is a country where drinking has become a serious issue.

In South Korea, alcohol and business go hand in hand. It is very common for employees to go drinking with the superior if he wishes so. In the bar, the employee is expected to take each and every drink his boss is handing him out of politeness. Drinking orgies are inevitable if you want to climb up the career ladder. However, this custom has led to a serious alcohol problem in South Korea. In the evening, you can meet a dozen of drunks on their way home. But at midnight, the trains and busses stop running in Seoul. If you don’t make it home in time, there often is no option left but to spend the night outside.

Of course, the South Korean government did not fail to notice this growing problem, running campaigns against the excessive alcohol consumption.