Let’s talk about a fishy subject … cars! Some love them, others hate them. Among others, car owners especially follow the hype. While almost everyone is dependent on a car in the countryside, only a few drive their own car in bigger German cities. Instead, car-sharing projects are very popular among the natives and Berliners by choice. Having their own car is nevertheless still a dream for many people, because it is also connected with freedom.

While new automobiles don’t meet my taste at all, it is the Old-timers that appear particularly attractive. Not only the car itself a matter of taste, but also the accessories, which are now available in a huge variety. Car accessories range from stickers and printings to seat cushions and steering wheel covers. Some of the cool accessories have become iconic. These are the most iconic car accessories:

The shake-head dachshund might be a nightmare to many of us as it doesn’t really reflect good taste. Nevertheless, car owners like to decorate their cars with the cult accessory that is offered in many variants nowadays. For some it is cheesy, for others it is a cult!

Another must-have is the foxtail! Attached to the antenna, it is the embodiment of automotive culture. I find this everlasting trend really fantastic. For me, it is the number one of car-decorations.

If you like retro, you won’t get around plush dices. Attached to the dipping mirror, they complete the collection of the legendary car accessories.