Every Makeup collector knows the problem of loose eyeshadows that get lost all the time or lay completely unorganized on your beauty table. With Z-Palette this chaos finally comes to an end because you can use it to create your very own eyeshadow palette.

The idea behnd it is pretty simple: The pallets contain a magnetic surface, which makes it possible for individual eyeshadow to adhear to it. Individual magnets are included when buying a palette, which makes it possible for you to use the eyeshadows that you already have.

There are different ways to free the eye shadow pan from its packaging. However, the process should be treated very carefully, as the eyeshadow can break easily.

Nowadays, many brands are specialized to produce the their eye shadows in form of eyeshadow pans, which is perfectly suitable for Z-pallets. These brands include especially MAC, Makeup Geek or Anastasia Beverly Hills, who sell their eyeshadows already in a magnetic pan, which is ideal for creating your own palette.

Z palette offers several sizes and styles of their pallets, which makes organizing a lot more motivating.

Get more information on www.zpalette.com.