Since the beginning of civilization, perfumes and fragrances have played an important role in the beauty regimen of men and women. The ancient Egyptians for instance placed a lot of value on their beauty and therefore used a multitude of cosmetic products including substances to optimize their own scent. The Greek, too, spent a lot of time on their beauty care, placing importance on a pleasant body odor. Because fragrances play a crucial role in the beauty regimen of many cultures, perfumes became more and more sophisticated and more seductive over time.

On 3 April 2016, the 22th Perfume Market will take place in Baden Baden, Germany. Those who have always been fascinated with the mysterious and inebriant world of perfumes, should pay this bazaar a visit. Here, Patrick Süskind’s monster Grenouille, the protagonist of the world-famous novel The Perfume, would feel at home. Hundreds of fragrances in colorful and stunning, beautifully shaped and designed flacons will take you to another world full of bliss.

22th Perfume Market

3 April 2016
Baden Baden, Germany
In the Kurhaus
For more information, call +49 171 634 9999 (German number)