Despite modern civilization’s overall pacifist attitude, war has always been a pillar of human history. In fact, there has never been a period of peace since the first homo sapiens roamed the surface of the earth. Since war certainly seems to be the most crucial mechanism to solve a conflict between two societies, humans have constantly developed better ways and machineries to kill each other.

Armors and arms make up the majority of the equipment a warrior was given. However, there is also a multitude of objects that were not designed to kill. From spoons to broadsword, from drinking bottle to the rifle – the photographer Thom Atkinson documented the equipment of the British soldier through the ages in photographic still lives. His impressive photos show the entire development of British military gear. The equipment of a warrior that fought in the Battle of Hastings (1066), the armament of a redcoat, the equipage of a modern infantryman. He photographed everything a soldier wore or carried in the war. Not only arms, but everything he took to the camp including personal objects like cross pendants.

Indeed, Thom Atkinson’s work is a real treat for history lovers. Click here to get to the full gallery: