Are you sick of all the monotonous jewelry? Are you looking for new stuff and would like to get creative? Then I have the perfect solution for you! The accessories brand Cliccessory  allows customers to implement their own ideas. How does it work? A simple mechanism holds together different pieces, from which you can you create your individual piece of jewelry.

But let’s start again from scratch. At Cliccessory, you are the jewelry designer. You have the choice between different segments, which you put together to create a customized necklace. The length of these segments can be wrapped around the wrist once, so that you may also use them as a bracelet. Adding three or more segments allows you to make beautiful necklaces of all lengths.

If that isn’t enough uniqueness! Each necklace is one-of-a-kind, made of different segments based on your preferences. This is all about creativity and passion. A short necklace can be quickly transform into a long one, and later separated back into single components to be worn as bracelets.

As a consequence, the jewelry design keeps moving with the times without becoming boring. Instead it can be changed and adapted to current trends.

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