Keeping your feet and hands warm is a must during cold days. For this reason, we place value on warming gloves and socks. The assortment is broad, ranging from leather gloves, wool gloves or mittens to colorful, funny hosiery and thermal socks.

But is that really all gloves and socks can do? Looking nice (or sometimes horrible) and protecting our limbs? The answer is: No. In fact, they are also able to nourish our hands and feet that often suffer from dryness in winter, thus making them look healthy and neat!

Therefore, you should check out one of the currently most hyped beauty labels – Starskin! Aside from facial masks the label also offers sheet masks for feet and hands! The best thing about it, they are super easy to use and smell great. Starskin’s Hollywood Hand Model Nourishing Double-Layer Hand Mask Gloves – the name already speaks volumes – contain sheabutter as well as a mixture of organic ingredients and oils. This will moisturize your hands while repairing and protecting them.

The same works with Starskin’s Nourishing and Cooling Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks, which, as you can tell, nourish your feet while having a cooling effect on them. All you need to do is put those masks on, wait for 20 minutes before removing and enjoy the relaxing treatment!

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