If you want to be a real hipster, you will have to follow certain rules and most importantly you have to rely on specific hipster accessories and gadgets to show that you are not like the others.

It seems that thick-framed glasses grandpa liked to wear are a thing of the past. Now, great grandfather’s glasses are THE shit. What do they look like? They are made of a thin brass frame and large round lenses. Of course, facial hair is still the ultimate accessory for stylish male hipsters. How about a curved moustache to express your love for anything vintage? Or if your genetic predisposition sadly does not allow you to grow a majestic beard, then don’t be sad because it’s now totally en vogue to sport peach fuzz moustaches to make you look like a teenage boy.

Hipsters love hats. They really do. But stay away from fedoras. They just look stupid. You know what looks awesome with hats? Cool vintage coats and leather jackets. In order to incorporate contrasts into your outfit, you should furthermore sport a cinch bag or how about a string bag to make you stand out and to tell the world that you don’t care about brand names and expensive clothing? By the way, Jute bags are out.

But fashion alone is not enough to make you look like a hipster. Everything you consume should be adapted to the hipster lifestyle. Don’t go outside without holding a cool hip beverage made of organically farmed ingredients in one hand while holding a self-rolled cigarette in the other.

Since technology has become an important part in our everyday life, the hipster lifestyle also requires you to place value on buying cool and hip Apple products only. However, you still have to emphasize your retro and vintage addiction. That’s why a retro camera is certainly the ultimate accessory to express your deep regret over the fact that you were born in the wrong century. Also, it’s important to take photos of every cool and hip moment in your life… and your food.

Apart from the retro camera, your bike should kind of ancient as well. It should look as if it’s about to fall apart. Now hipster boy, get on your rusty bike, tour your hood and show that you are the ultimate hipster!