Every makeup lover knows the struggle: washing your makeup brushes is a procedure of many hours, which dries out your hands and simply takes a lot of time and effort. The dream of every makeup lover is finally coming true with the Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaner. The product cleans your makeup brushes and saves you the hard work.

It can wash up to 12 Makeup brushes at the same time. First add water and the Lilumia cleaning solution and then put the brushes in the device upside down, so that the hair touches the surface. Afterwards, press the power button and it will start its magic.

If the brushes are cleaned, you can let them dry in the device afterwards. The position in which they are held is ideal for drying because any remaining water can run out, while the glue that holds the hairs together is not harmed.

The Lilumia Brush Cleaner is available in different colors, which are named after different cities and cost up to 174 dollars. The Lilumia in Paris is pink, while the Lilumia in Tokyo impresses with a silver design. Minimalists will root for the Lilumia in New York that is defined by a stylish black look, whilst golden girls will certainly prefer the Lilumia in Dubai in gold.

Get more information on www.lilumia.com.