Jewelry has always been an important part of the fashion scene and is often the final touch of an outfit. Especially in recent years, we can see a change in terms of accessories. Small, subtle jewelry was a thing of the past; today it is exciting maxi-pieces that attract attention. Now that fashion unifies elegance, style consciousness and street credibility, we are also allowed to wear extravagant necklaces.

That’s why the statement necklace is the must-have piece not only for this year, but also for the decade. Because of they are so versatile and can be combined in tons of ways, no fashionista is able to get around this contemporary showpiece. The “statement” is voluminous, has fabulous patterns, unusual details and sophisticated highlights.

Diva or rock ‘n’ roll, these outstanding necklaces are offered in all kinds of styles. The aim of the necklace should be mainly to emphasize everyone’s personality. Trust me, once you start searching, you will certainly find a model exactly to your liking. My personal favorite piece is the statement necklace in the collar look!