George Harrison was a wonderful musician, philanthropist and – of course – human being. After years of battling a rather aggressive kind of lung cancer, he died surrounded by his friends and family.
But for a world star musician like Harrison, death is no reason to quit making music, as can be seen on his new feature with Eric Clapton on Clapton’s new LP „I still Do“, which will release on May 20. Harrison will be credited as Angelo Mysterioso, a pseudonym that he used way back as he was featured on Cream’s last LP „Goodbye!“.
Clapton and Harrison have always had a rather…dynamic history, not just due their battle for affection for Harrison’s wife Patty Boyd, which inspired Clapton to record his famous LP „Layla and other assorted love songs“.
We are looking forward for this brand new piece by the two legendary 60s musicians. And someone say the movement is dead again!