The society is becoming more and more aware of sustainability, which also applies to the fashion scene. More and more labels opt for a conscious use of raw materials. One of them is L’Herbe Rouge, a French brand focusing on ecological production.

L’Herbe Rouge sees clothing as an expression of personality represented by elegant streetwear. Fashion that invites you to feel good and convinces with comfort and accurate fit. The focus is always set on the wearers who want to emphasize their character with clothing.

The fashion brand already allows us to get a sneak peek at the new summer collection which consists of sophisticated pieces. While the shirt is rediscovered as an everyday statement in the men’s collection, we find denim and knitwear meeting geometric patterns in the women’s line. With their olive colored pieces, both collections spread a refreshing country touch, urbanized by refined designs.

The brand plays with the effect of voluminous cuts and gets back to the diminishing appearance of classics. The collections are refreshingly simple yet extremely refined.

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