Red and brown are the colors of the year. This harmonious combination is very popular during both the winter and the summer seasons. Chestnut and Bordeaux are especially in vogue. By now, they can already be found in many styles. I can’t imagine winter fashion without red and brown!

But what makes the two colors so special? Both are warm colors that harmonize well with each other. In addition, both can be combined with many other colors, which is why they are so popular in the fashion world. In particular, earth tones and colors like mustard and orange-red can be mixed with Bordeaux and chestnut.

Aside from tons of combinations, it’s the sophisticated subtle look that sets the trend. Both Bordeaux and chestnut are neither too loud nor too quiet. Both can be used as highlights, but also work well in the background.

You should definitely not miss this color trend! Valentino, for example, is leading the way.

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