Those of you who call themselves real morning crouches should start their day with the juices of Happy Day. They are incredibly fruity, tasty, refreshing and impress with a variety of flavors. Super yummy. As if the taste alone is not enough, we can enjoy those juices without a bad conscience as the ingredients are absolutely natural and were cultivated and traded under fair conditions to meet the standards of the Fairtrade certification.  Now, the juice producer Rauch brought a new flavour onto the market that most of you probably have never tasted before: Raspberry and pink pepper.

The new creation is juicy and slightly piquant at the same time. Spice up your day with one of the most creative juice creations ever created! For those who like it spicy, this juice is certainly the best way to start your day right. It is just incredible how such crazy flavour combinations can be so tasty.

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