Regardless of genetic predisposition, sometimes under-eye dilemmas are the occasional “punishment” for maintaining a bad lifestyle. Take a long deep look into the mirror and question yourself whether or not you treat your body right: Are you getting enough fluids? Nutrients? Sleep? Iron? Deep depressions can also leave their marks on the overly thin skin underneath your eyes.

Whatever the reason as to why dark circles keep haunting us, the circumstances and factors, that promote the emergence of dark circles, are often the same. As mentioned above, the skin right below our eyes is amongst the thinnest skin layers of our entire body. The lack of fat and thus its transparency leads in the visibility of every disorder affecting the blood circulation. This usually results in discoloration, or as we know it, dark circles. Fully aware of the persistence of eye circles, some makeup artists use very unconventional beauty products to cover them up. One particular makeup hack that received a lot of attention and became a viral hit was successfully demonstrated by Youtube Star Deepica Mutyala. In order to hide her dark circles, she applied red lipstick on her under-eye area.

Deepica Mutyala on Youtube

But how exactly does this work?

The nature of under-eye shadows is usually greenish or blue. Now for the sake of this article I would like you to take a look at the traditional color wheel. The exact opposites or complementary colors of both green and blue are orange and red. This simple realisation helps us understand why on earth reddish products, e.g. red lipsticks, would help hide any malfunctions under our eyes.

The choice of the lipstick here is crucial. Make sure the formula is non-matte, non-sticky and non-lasting. Also, stay far away from lipglosses (I feel like this is a given but you can never be too sure) and any glitter. The trick is to distribute a reasonable amount under your eyes, blend it and then cover the reds with a liquid (not stick) concealer. It’s important to use a dabbing motion before blending it to ensure no capillary breakage underneath the eyes. One downside to this technique is that lipsticks are usually based on heavy oils and wax, which makes the formula a tad thick and heavy for the sensitive under-eye area. For severe cases with deep dark circles however, this will 100% work like a charm.