Red accessories are in vogue! No wonder they can be found everywhere on the streets of the cities. Aside from putting the finishing touches on outfits, the trend color also has a great impact on the look. Depending on how you utilize it, the result can be wild and sensual, but also seductive, urban and casual.

Red is very impressive, which is why the color has been so popular lately. But since it is so bold, it can quickly become overkill. At this point, the red accessories come into play, because with those, one can set highlights without appearing too overwhelming.

In the cold season, scarves, beanies and gloves are hot in demand. My favorites are the red leather gloves. However, in order to rock the color indoor I recommend wearing jewelry. Striking red wooden beads are just as suitable as subtle jewels in pink-gold. Men can set highlights as well by wearing socks, watches, bow ties or bracelets and red backpacks.

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