Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and now is the best time to either get a last-minute gift for your lover or for yourself to impress your partner with a beautiful makeup.

  1. Too Faced ‘Chocolate Bon Bons Palette’
    A perfect alternative to a box of chocolates is the ‘Chocolate Bon Bons Palette’ by Too Faced. The pallet contains different eye shadows, which are made out of cocoa powder and accordingly smell like it, too. The eyeshadows come in a cute heart shape, which of course is ideal for Valentine’s Day. The eyeshadow names sound like delicious treats, such as ‘Pecan Praline’ or ‘Dark Truffle’. Yummy!
  2. NARS Lipstick in ‘Schiap’

Nothing is better than wearing a bright pink lipstick on Valentine’s Day. With such a shade you can draw attention to your lips and bring your crush to kiss you. if you’re not the type to wear such a bright color, don’t worry because the color can also give you natural look if you do the following. Just dab a little of the product on the lips and distribute it and you’ve got a fresh and feminine look.

  1. ESCADA Elixir Eau de Parfum

A beautiful scent for Valentine’s Day is a MUST, whether as a gift or to make your loved ones happy. Escada Elixir is the perfect fragrance to wear for Valentine’s Day, since the scent is based on roses. Natural vanilla extracts and musk seed add a little warmth to the fresh roses, creating a seductive combination.