Summer 2016 means one thing in particular: Hundreds of thousands of high school students will graduate and with it they will prepare themselves for the long-awaited prom night, where especially the girls can show their most beautiful and elegant side. How much time have most of us spent or even are most of us going to spend on finding the perfect evening gown? Frantic shopping tours with our friends and families or late night hours on online stores await this year’s high-school graduates. Once you’ve finally assembled your favorite look, it’s time to check a few things before prom to achieve the anticipated perfect overall look.

Find the right foundation

In order to have some visual memories of your prom night, you’ll probably take tons of photos and selfies. Normally, there will also be a professional photographer to take a few shots of little Miss Graduate. So, if you don’t want your face to look like a ghost on pictures (those taken with a flash!), remember to choose a foundation without SPF or at least with maximum SPF of 15. Not all sunscreens will cause a white reflection; the main culprits are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but it’s still better to be on the safe side.

Less Sparkle More Matte

A matte, preferably subtle makeup will make you look fresh, graceful and elegant. Avoid too much glitter or shimmery shadows unless you want to end up with glitter all over your face. Also, matte colors will be more visible on the camera as shimmery particles tend to get lost on photos.

Anti-Bloating Meals before Prom

A bobbly face and belly don’t really look sexy and they don’t particularly make you feel comfortable in your skin. Therefore, you should really pay attention to what you eat the day before prom. Opt for vegetables, watermelons, avocados and water instead of junk food, sweets and fizzy drinks.