Not often in our life is there the opportunity to dress up for a ball. But if there is one, it is even more fun to choose the outfit, matching it with the right accessories. Many of you certainly remember your prom night and what you wore at this particular life event. The suit or dress might even still hang in your closet.

When the next ball, gala or another extraordinary event is just round the corner, the whole search for the right look starts all over again. How do we customize the suit or the dress and add the certain something to the outfit? I believe that works best with the right accessories!

For the woman, the right highlights are exceptional handbags and glamorous jewelries. But sometimes less is more, which means, subtle, matched jewels are the perfect choice for a ball. The handbag should match the outfit. The most elegant choice here is the clutch, e.g. one that comes in shimmery sequins.

Instead of elaborate jewelry, the man will stand out in unusual cufflinks which can add a unique touch to a subtle black-and-white suit. The handkerchiefs in a matching harmony to the bow tie or necktie can make your look unique. By the way, colorful, printed socks are currently a must!

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