Brazilian ease is the most frequent stylistic device used by fashion label Colcci. The spirit of the Brazilian In-brand ranges from sensual and feminine to significantly masculine. Floral and botanical prints can be always found on the garments, especially in the summer collections. For the winter, trendy denim pieces are paired with bold colors, resulting in a powerful look.

Although denim is almost part of everyday wear, Colcci manages to present its own collection in a modern and future-oriented manner. With washings, cut-outs and the cool used-look, the jeans pants, shirts and jackets easily become eye-catchers. Double denim styles in combination with bold, bright colors like yellow, green and orange create a perfect look.

Even within the men’s collection, we encounter many denim looks. Summery shorts lead the way besides denim tops. They are then combined with polo shirts, print shirts and tank tops. After all summer, or at least spring, is almost there. The latest collection follows the motto “sun, beach and sea”, with palm motives and surfer designs included.

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