Beer, schlager music and funny costumes. That’s what comes to mind, if you think of carnival in Germany. But a different, rather unusual version of this was displayed in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday by local dog keepers, as they performed in the twelfth annually dog carnival.

Listening to funky samba music and drinking, one would imagine a not too little amount of Caipirinhas, dog owners marched, giving a rather strange impression even for Rio.

Surely, Marco Antonio Marino (50, 3 dogs) had a dogly good time: “Many people have to stay at home during carnival due to their dogs. That’s why we thought, why not connect those two things: A carnival for dogs and their owners!”

But even though the dog carnival is ancient in dog years, the idea stays fresh and exciting up until today. 150 dogs and their owners marched, exposed to hot temperatures, reaching a climax of 32° Celsius.

Here at, we’re waiting excitedly for this new trend to hit Germany. In the meantime, we will start listening to samba while we’re choosing our dogs costumes. And drinking Caipirinhas, of course. Saúde!