Powerful colors, lots of accessories and preferably a broad smile on the face – this is the Brazilian look. As the fifth largest country in the world and the largest country in Latin America, it has a determining influence on fashion which has been steadily developing since the 90s. The local fashion labels were dedicated to innovation to declare war on international brands. Today, names like Lenny Niemeyer and Francisco Costa are internationally renowned.

There is a definition for the Brazilian style although there are surely exceptions as well. It includes passion and even a bit of bold colors. If you want to summarize the special features, you’ll find them in the numerous details. A casual look which is often combined with sensuality particularly catches the eye.

Large earrings, necklaces and bracelets are often used to define a summery, casual look. Just like the clothes, they are often colorful. In addition to traditional clothing, including loose cotton pants called “bombachas” as well as baianas and white dresses, figure-hugging jeans are also very popular. Often, the garments are enhanced by embroideries. A feather headdress is added especially in the carnival season when things go really hot and trendy.

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