Behind the Brazilian label Meskita  stands the eponymous designer Alessandra Meskita. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, she was already inspired by fashion at a tender age. Inspired by the artistic side of both her mother and her grandmother, she learnt a lot about designing when she was 15. With the start of her label, she brought a new lifestyle into life, including luxurious fabrics and exclusive details.

Sexiness, sensuality, seduction – all these characteristics are part of the Meskita Collection, where elegance is combined with coolness to capture the ladies. Although there’s no winter collection this year, we can still cast a glance at the summer line of 2016.

Nude shades, bronze and gold clearly call the shots. The wearer’s body is emphasized by extremely short and tight silhouettes. Deep cut-outs flatter the cleavages, short designs and long legs. Despite these special cuts, the shiny pieces are usually made of more fabrics than intended. It’s represented by layers, pleats or cut-outs. With these looks, you’re sure to turn everyone’s head!

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