It is not always easy to find the right nail polish color for your feet that will always look good and goes with everything. Especially in the summer it is important if you are on vacation and want to make a neat impression when you wear open shoes.

Here are three nail polish colors that just always look good on toe nails and guarantee a sexy result:

  1. Red:
    What might seem boring for some people will just always remain a true classic. Red nail polish does not only look good on your hands but looks even better if it matches with your toe nails. It will always guarantee a sexy look and is a real eye catcher. NARS’ ‘Guy Bourdin’ is exactly the shade you’re looking for, a classic red that looks good on everyone.
  2. Pink:
    A bright or even transparent pink on the toe nails will always look super feminine and pretty. You can change it up once in a while and decide whether you prefer an opaque shade or rather the transparent gel look. The color ‚Ballet Slippers’ by Essie will particularly look incredible if you apply several layers of it on your nails. 
  3. White:
    If you want to give your skin a sexy contrast in the summer, a clean white is always a good choice. Although it will perhaps may not be for everyone’s taste, it can look great with darker skin and gets everyone’s attention. ‚Alpine Snow’ by O.P.I is the perfect color if you particularly place value on a high opacity.