Especially in the winter time, many people suffer from cold hands and feet. Women are affected by this problem even more. This is a result of our higher fat content in our bodies to protect the baby during pregnancy in case of malnutrition. Men on the other hand have much more muscles that are supplied with blood even when they rest, which keeps their bodies a lot warmer.

But what can we do to prevent cold hands and feet?

First, it’s important to be be clear about your health. A heart disease or circulatory problems can cause you to feel cold all the time. In addition to such diseases, stress or other emotional difficulties can lead to feeling cold and shivering as weel, which is why you should go easy on your nerves and body as much as possible.

A very efficient way to avoid such temperature variations in the body is to stay fit. Sport provides a general well-being and also contributes to muscle growth, which will also keep you warm. Even small exercises will make you notice a drastic difference.