Since 1923, the brand Hellmut Ruck has been enriching the beauty market with amazing products. No wonder, the cosmetics brand has grown into a highly professional company. Hellmut Ruck is probably the one brand for everything that has to do with foot care. Many skin care brands include pedicure products in their range but specialize in other fields. But in the world of Hellmut Ruck it’s all about foot care: You cannot only choose from a multitude of different foot care products, but even seminars for podiatrists are offered by the brand and open opportunities for many customers.

In the shop you will find a huge selection of professional equipment: From luxurious office equipment to mobile pedicure sets, everything is available. Special instruments and technologies or highly effective foot care cosmetics usually used by experts are included in the sortiment and can also be bought and used by non-professionals.

The business concept is based on the so-called three-pillar principle. Education, training and products. This sophisticated concept allows the highest efficiency and gives you the opportunity to optimize your foot care.

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