Parisian shoe designer Francesco Russo stands for innovative and young design and traditional crafting, making women happy every year thanks to his pioneering visions. The current winter collection speaks volumes, and the purity of the aesthetics stands for maximum elegance. Francesco Russo pursues the perfection of design and discovers the effect of sharp edges and soft curves.

The winter line features particularly soft and delicate feminine silhouettes. Each shoe embodies the delicate femininity of the wearer and reflects their elegance. Animal prints work as breaking contrasts to the look. Aside from leopard prints, black-and-white comes into play as well.

Each model has its own highlights, but is still adjusted to the overall picture of a stunning collection. The outstanding creations convince with their minimalist forms which are enhanced by details. Cut outs and fur applications provide the basic shapes with vibrancy. The showpiece of the collection is the strap ankle boot, a mix of high heels, sandals and boots in elegant black.

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