A neat pedicure is very important, especially if you wear open shoes or if you are about to go on holiday. But you don’t have to spend tons of money on a pedicure in a nail salon. With these simple steps you can easily do it yourself at home:

  1. Remove dead skin:
    First your feet must be soaked in a foot bath, so that any dead skin cells can easily be removed with a Callus file.
  2. Cuticle Skin:
    Next it is time to take care of your cuticles. Push the cuticles skin back with a special nail stick, that always comes with any pedicure set.
  3. Shorten & file:
    To give your toe nails a pedicured and neat look, you should cut them with a nail clipper or nail scissors. It is important to cut the nail where the toe ends. This will avoid ingrown nails. Then your nails can be filed into the desired shape.
  4. Nail polish:
    Painting your toenails is sometimes not so as easy as it sounds. Toe spreads are a great option to separate the toes from each other and to make the actual painting easier. Furthermore, it is important to apply a base coat before the actual color. Let each layer dry thoroughly. Lastly, apply a top coat to prevent chipping.
  5. Moisturize:
    After this rough pedicure, it is important to give your skin enough moisture. A rich foot cream will ensure super soft results and a moisturized appearance.